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Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Chronicle (English Patched)
SMT3 Mod by zombero, FuxorLuck
Port of Hardtype Hack to Nocturne Chronicle Edition (B7479F4C). Note: it's Not a perfect port but you get All Hardtype features.

Known Issues:
-Demi-Fiend can only swap himself in battle.
- The maximum are 4 -Kaja stacks on the player and 2 -Kunda stacks on enemies instead of 2 -Kaja 2 -Kunda
The second message in Battles like: Missed, Defense improved, limit reached etc.. wont appear

See workarounds in thread
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P5 Mod by Pengdoo
This mod increases the stats of most enemies and changes the AI of bosses past the 5th Palace. Regular enemies and Mementos bosses will have their attributes (St, Ma, En, Lu, Ag) increased and their HP multiplied. Moreover, Mementos missions and Palace bosses will yield much more EXP and yen than usual. If you consider using it, I recommend you play on Merciless difficulty: the x3 multipliers on Critical and Technical hits shorten the fight with high HP enemies.
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