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Costume Dialog Mod (WIP)
P5 Mod by chlorophylls
This mod restores the unused costume dialogue found in P5R, which has been translated from the originally-Japanese text to English, thanks to the efforts of various fan translators and editors.
The unused script originally also had no portraits except for the neutral one; these have been edited with portraits to better fit the dialogue. Keep in mind that this is a fan translation of unused dialogue.
Note that the only dialogue that has been fully translated, edited, and coded into this mod so far is for Haru, Yusuke, and Makoto, due to the differing speeds at which different translators and editors work. This mod is a beta/work in progress, and will be updated for the other characters when possible. (The next party member to be updated with translated dialogue is Ann.)
To use it, with an outfit equipped (on Joker and/or any of the party members), talk to any one of your party members at the dungeon entrance (not safe rooms) and select "How's the clothes?" (this option only pops up if Joker or the party member has a non-default costume equipped).
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