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Nocturne hostFS Patch
SMT3 Mod by TGE
Replace/Add files to the dds3.img and MOVIE folder without repacking.
1. Edit PCSX2_vm.ini inside the PCSX2 ini folder and change the line with 'HostFs=disabled' to 'HostFs=enabled'.
2. Extract the SLUS from the ISO and add the .ELF extension to it.
3. Extract contents of dds3.img and MOVIE to a folder named "dds3data", which goes in the same directory as the .ELF.
4. Load the game's ISO in PCSX2 (with cheats enabled), and then select "Run ELF" from the "File" menu.
Download .PNACH

Modding using HostFS on PCSX2




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