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Expanded DLC Outfits

P5 mod by DeathChaos, DniweTamp
Backports Persona 5 Royal DLC Outfits as well as adding a few new custom outfits of my own, all with their own included DLC BGM Music too!
To obtain these new outfits, simply interact with the box in Joker's room in Leblanc just as you would for the regular DLC Outfits, note that even if you already have the regular DLC Outfits (or if you have no DLC at all), interacting with the box will still give you the new ones from the mod.
Update 3/22/21: Added the outfit set for Tracksuits that was removed from the game by developers
- Use Starlight Joker model with better weights (thanks to Saitsu)
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Party Model


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