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Special thanks to @regularpanties for the generous donation of a 6.72 PS4
and a plethora of documentation that made this section possible.

To learn how to install and run P5R mods, see this guide.

Persona 5 Royal Mod Menu

P5R mod by ShrineFox, TGE, CaptainSwag101, RayFireFist
A multi-purpose custom menu that gets loaded when you press the Square button. Edit cameras, flags, the calendar, player stats, personas and skills-- as well as view animations, models, fields, events and more.
Update 1.1: Adds English UI and uses English field/dungeon text. Descriptions don't match at the moment, will be fixed in the next update
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Source Code



Persona 5 Royal Patches

P5R mod by lipsum
A set of Persona 5 Royal patches
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P3FES Font

P5R mod by Alan3D
Replaces the main font of the game with P3FES's.
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Catherine Font Mod for Persona 5

P5 mod by Century_
Catherine font ported to P5 and P5R
Download Mod (P5)
Download Mod (P5R)


Darkechi Cutin Fix

P5R mod by lipsum
Akechi's 3rd semester cutin (bct_p_bc0009_01) uses the wrong alpha channel - specifically, the alpha channel from Akechi's default cutin (bct_p_bc0009). The issue exists in all versions of the game, and even appears in promotional material. This mod fixes the cutin alpha channel using the Thieves Den render of said cutin as a reference.
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