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For instructions on running mods on RPCS3 or a CFW PS3, read guide. Also check out this guide for info on creating mod.cpk files from downloaded mods!

by TGE
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Persona 5 Debug/Mod Loader

Modified eboot/patch that enables:
  • - Loading modded files from mod.cpk
    in USRDIR folder
  • - Printing list of accessed files to
    debug console
  • - Launching the game on CFW
    without update prompt
  • - Skipping opening prompts/logos
  • - Raise Framerate cap to 60 FPS
  • - Skipping DLC unlock messages
Update v1.4 (11/17/2018): Fixes crashes/softlocks with quicktravel.
Update v1.5 (11/18/2018): Fixes descriptions, adds follower flags & coordinate printing to log, prevents mod menu from being disabled by mass flag editor.

by TGE & ShrineFox
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In-game Mod Menu

A multi-purpose custom menu that gets
loaded when you press the Square
button. Edit cameras, flags,
the calendar, player stats,
personas and skills-- as well as
view animations, models, fields,
events and more.

by ShrineFox
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Persona 5 Adachi Mod

Playable Adachi complete with updated
voices, BGM, DLC costumes, UI
graphics and more.

by Gink
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Combined Bustups (RPCS3 Fix)

Bustups that have been batch-combined into
single images to partially fix the RPCS3
upscaling issue.

by Alan3D

Kaleidoscope Removal

Removes the spinning kaleidoscope border
inside Palaces and Mementos.

by ShrineFox
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Alternate Battle Models

A pack of replacement battle models
that really should have been DLC.

by Alan3D

Persona 3 Font For P5

Ports the font from P3FES to P5. Looks best
at increased resolution scales.

by Crowpocalypse
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No MC in Pause Menu

Perfect for mods that use custom models for
the MC.

by ShrineFox
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Less Annoying Facility Voices

Modified ACB/AWB files that mitigate
Iwai and the Velvet Room Warden's most
overused voice clips.

by ShrineFox
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No Navigator Mod

Modified ACB/AWB files that optionally prevent
any of the following clips from playing in-battle:
  • Morgana and Makoto's support clips
  • Futaba and Makoto's support clips

by ShrineFox
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Woomy Mod

Replaces most of Futaba's sounds,
models and graphics with an Inkling.

by ShrineFox

Waluigi over Ryuji

Replaces Ryuji's battle model and voices with Waluigi.

by ShrineFox
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Comic Sans Font

Modifies the main font of the game to
use comic sans. Some might find this
option more legible, all jokes aside.