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P5A Eternal Punishment over the P5 Opening

P5 mod by wxnder, kaoru
Replaces the original opening with the P5A opening, just altered by kaoru to show how well the opening track for Persona 2 Eternal Punishment on PSP fits with the P5A opening
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Persona 3 the Movie In-Battle Portraits

P3FES mod by wxnder
Replaces the In-Battle character portraits with character artwork from the Persona 3 Movies.
Made this for fun, enjoy!
This mod works on both The Journey and The Answer! Metis' artwork was used from the Megami Tensei wiki:
This was a request from GameBanana by yukaris.left.thigh
If there are any issues with the mod, please let me know!
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P3P Style UI

P3FES mod by wxnder
This mod changes some of the UI to be more like P3P's UI. Some of the UI elements seemed pretty outdated, like the Daytime UI and the Weekday UI. This mod is for everyone that also doesn't like the old UI and prefers the one from P3P like I do!
Some elements couldn't be changed, like the ""Weak"" ""Block"" and ""Critical' battle elements. The location ui also couldn't be changed without it having issues
If you have any questions or issues about the mod or want me to replace some of the UI, please let me know
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Colorful All-Out Attack portraits

P5 mod by wxnder
This mod adds unique character specific colors to the All-Out Attack portraits. This was inspired by HaythamQuake's Colorful Battle UI mod: and AnotherNicholas' Colorful Cutins mod:
There are four different variations of this mod: Regular, Black Joker Portrait, Darkechi and Kasumi, and Black Joker Portrait + Darkechi and Kasumi
This works on actual PS3 Hardware! Both CFW and HEN
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