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Detailed Descriptions
P4G Mod by rudiger__sf
In Persona 4 Golden, there are a number of descriptions and "info" boxes that I feel either don't tell you anything useful, or present information in an unhelpfully abstract way. This mod aims to correct that.
Update 2.0: Detailed Quest descriptions have been added for EVERY quest in the game. Full details in the thread.
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Remastered Cutscenes Pack
P4G Mod by rudiger__sf
This mod aims to provide an improved visual experience.

- Completely new .USM files that have been reassembled and re-encoded from upscales of the original, Japanese PS Vita files
- Frame rates restored to (native) 29.97 FPS - an improvement over the initial PC version's 15 FPS files (REV 2008)
- Original aspect ratio restored, fixing the cropped (and in the beta, stretched) images present in the original PC videos
- Improved noise reduction with manually re-edited transitions and fades
- Redrawn text sequences (e.g. the opening disclaimer, "Characters, art and storylines depicted...")
- English and Japanese language tracks retained from the original PC files
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