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P5R Bustup Portrait Backport
P5 Mod by chlorophylls, rexis
Backports the new and redrawn portraits from P5 Royal to the PS3 version of P5, and adds the ones for new characters such as Kasumi, José, and Maruki, and more. This also adds the bustup portraits for the new winter outfits. This is not compatible with the 4K mod, due to having different resolutions for the bustups.
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Full 4k UI Upscale
P5 Mod by rexis
This mod replaces P5's UI textures with higher resolution versions and also disables certain shaders that cause some extra blurriness. New textures are 3 to 5 times higher res (9x-25x pixel count) than the ones found in the ps3 version. Works only with RPCS3. More info inside.
Update 3/30/2020: Updated to 1.2
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