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P4G Custom Square Menu
P4G Mod by Sierra, ShrineFox, Tekka, Tupelov, AnimatedSwine37
Notable Features:
- Choose a Field, Dungeon Floor, Battle, Event, Cutscene, BGM Track, Dungeon or Facility to load
- Toggle individual bitflags or entire ranges of them
- Change the in-game date and time
- Change your rank with any confidant, add money or items
Optional Extensions:
- MobileCalendar (view the calendar from anywhere!)
- QuickTravelPlus (extended quicktravel options in Yasogami High and around the town of Inaba)
- VRGameOverSkip (skips velvet room scene after game over) by TekkaGB
- DungeonTravel (fast travel to any dungeon floor after deadline) by TekkaGB
- SaveAnywhere by Tupelov
- FindAFriend by AnimatedSwine37
Update 11/30/2020: Updated to v1.3, see download/source for more info.
Update 11/14/2020:: - Aemulus Package Manager support
- Facilities in Inaba�s quick travel menu
- Removed Go to Town at night so you can't access Junes
- Fixed Shopping District North/South randomly having a glitched camera
- Fixed �Go into town� bringing you to the Shopping District
Update 11/10/2020: Add latest source/build to GitHub
Download Mod (Aemulus)
Download (PC, Vita)
Source Code


P3FES Mod Menu
P3FES Mod by Tekka
Fully featured in-game trainer for P3FES, replaces quicktravel NPC and where you save in the dorm.
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Source Code


Aemulus Package Manager
P4G Tool by Tekka, T-Pose Ratkechi
No longer will you have to manually merge conflicting bin files found in different mods. This is the latest and greatest mod package manager, made specifically for Persona 4 Golden on PC. How to Use
Update 11/23/2020:- Fixed crashing that occurred when creating/editing/deleting packages.
- Added preappfile by TGE to unpack the cpk files to use as bases to merge for cpk structure
- Added conversion from Mod Compendium mod structure
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Source Code




Aemulus (P4G Exe Editor)
P4G Tool by Tekka
Aemulus means ""Rival"" in Latin. It uses .patch files (basically raw hex data with .patch extension) from your mods/patches folder in your Steam game directory to patch the exe at startup. It also now uses .tblpatch files (also raw hex data) from your mods/patches folder to edit your mods/data00004/init_free.bin at startup. I wanted to make it so that you can merge .tbl files so that the average end user doesn't have to open up a hex editor and merge it themselves.
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UwU Overhaul
P4G Mod by Tekka
This mod aims to make the entire game uwu. Still a lot left to be done but everything in event, event_data, and field should be uwu-ed. Planning to finish the rest of the dialogue located in shops and the velvet room, item/skill/equipment/persona names, settings, and all of the words located in the ui. Also planning on making a Reloaded II mod to replace all of the subtitles, other menu words, and even the crash message.
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