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P4G Custom Square Menu
P4G Mod by Sierra, ShrineFox, Tekka, Tupelov, AnimatedSwine37
Notable Features:
- Choose a Field, Dungeon Floor, Battle, Event, Cutscene, BGM Track, Dungeon or Facility to load
- Toggle individual bitflags or entire ranges of them
- Change the in-game date and time
- Change your rank with any confidant, add money or items
Optional Extensions:
- MobileCalendar (view the calendar from anywhere!)
- QuickTravelPlus (extended quicktravel options in Yasogami High and around the town of Inaba)
- VRGameOverSkip (skips velvet room scene after game over) by TekkaGB
- DungeonTravel (fast travel to any dungeon floor after deadline) by TekkaGB
- SaveAnywhere by Tupelov
- FindAFriend by AnimatedSwine37
Update 11/30/2020: Updated to v1.3, see download/source for more info.
Update 11/14/2020:: - Aemulus Package Manager support
- Facilities in Inaba�s quick travel menu
- Removed Go to Town at night so you can't access Junes
- Fixed Shopping District North/South randomly having a glitched camera
- Fixed �Go into town� bringing you to the Shopping District
Update 11/10/2020: Add latest source/build to GitHub
Download Mod (Aemulus)
Download (PC, Vita)
Source Code


P4G Intro Skip
P4G Mod by Sierra
Allows you to skip straight to 4/20 when starting a New Game, bypassing about an hour of unskippable story events. Known issues: You need to waste a day initiating Yosuke's social link, and Chie can fight her own shadow since she's in the party early.
Download (Vita)
Download (PC)



P4G Free Camera
P4G Mod by Sierra
Unlimited camera control on every map.
Download (Vita)


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