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Vibing Naoto
P5 Mod by REALMadMax1960
WIP Release of Vibing Noot Mod!

Normal Morgana Costume - Smiling Noot
Teddie Costume - Normal Noot
Aegis Costume - Yeehaw/Arthur Noot
Sheep Costume - Raidou Noot
Maid Costume - (WIP) Punished Noot

Custom WIP AOA
Overworld Morgana is colored to Noot colors with a Naoto hat, except for the Morgana cat models inside bag.
Guard and Tactics anim is replaced with Vibing Dance
0.3 Update: Major Additions on this update

- File organization Overhaul
- Single Gap support (you can use Kasumi and see naoto vibe now, thank dniwe for that)
- Femmc Noot
- Akechi Noot
- Makoto (P3) Noot
- Kasumi Noot
- Battle idle is now vibin, she will always vibe now basically
There is now an ""extras"" folder, inside this folder is models that have been removed
or alternate versions of current models that you may prefer, feel free
to use these over the ones currently there
Single Gap Patch is required
Download Mod

Party Model

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