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Aemulus Package Manager

P4G tool by Tekka, T-Pose Ratkechi, Pixelguin, Brolijah, ShrineFox
No longer will you have to manually merge conflicting bin files found in different mods. This is the latest and greatest mod package manager, made specifically for Persona 4 Golden on PC (as well as P3FES, P5 and P5S). See Source for how to use.
Download Application
Source Code




Ultimate Controller UI Overhaul

P4G mod by Pixelguin
This mod replaces replaces the controller UI with all-new icons that are higher-quality, more legible, and colorful!
Compatible with all controller types (Steam Controller users will need to configure their gamepad in Big Picture settings).
Update 1.5: Added PS5 DualSense controller UI.
Download Xbox One / Xbox Series X / PS4 / Switch White (PC)
Download Xbox 360/PS5/Switch SNES Colors (PC)




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